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Great Ornament Hunt FAQ

As you prepare for the Great Ornament Hunt, you may have questions about how the event works — how to find ornaments and how to register for prizes. We’ve put together an FAQ to address these common inquires, but please email us at info@beavercreekwetlands.org if we can be of further assistance.

I found an ornament on one of the trails; how do I register for a prize?

Congratulations! Scan the QR code on the attached tag and fill out the form in its entirety by Dec. 31, 2023 — and you will be registered to win one of our prizes.

Can I find an ornament on any trail in the Beaver Creek wetland corridor?

No. We have placed 10 ornaments in ONLY 5 parks/reserves. The locations are:

Creekside Reserve: 761 Factory Rd, Beavercreek

Dave Nolin Wetland Reserve: Enter at the end of South Deer Hollow Trail in the Hickory Hollow community.

Phillips Park: 2090 Dayton Xenia Rd, Beavercreek

James Amon Biodiversity Reserve: Enter at the end of Deercreek Dr., via the Fawn Ridge neighborhood. **No ornaments hidden on boardwalk under construction! Surface trail only!**

Dane Mutter Prairie: Access via public walkways in the Hunter’s Pointe subdivision.

Can I register more than one ornament?

Please only take one ornament per household. If you find multiple ornaments on the same trail, we ask that you only take one and leave the remaining for other potential finders. Duplicate entries will be discarded when selecting prize winners.

When will I know if I won a prize?

The prize winners will be notified via email or phone by January 15, 2024. If a prize is not claimed via email or phone call within 48 hours of notification, another winner will be chosen.

I went on a trail that said it had ornaments, and I didn’t find any; how can I find one?

Check our website for updates on how many ornaments remain in each location. We may share hints about remaining ornaments via Instagram and Facebook as the hunt continues.

This year, we’re also offering ornaments for purchase online and at our office. Ornaments are sold out as of 12/1/23 ! Click the link to shop for other gifts that give back!