There are a variety of ways to support the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association

Corporate Sponsorship

Your corporate sponsorship provides increased visibility within our community and shows the public that you’re investing in the work we do.
Many consumers want to support a business that invests in the community. It’s a win – win!
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

Donate Stock

This unique avenue of support offers our donors a direct opportunity to align their financial resources with their passion for conservation. By gifting stocks to BCWA, you not only provide essential financial backing but also become integral partners in our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve our natural world.
Beyond the immediate benefits to our organization, donating stocks can offer significant advantages for our supporters as well. By transferring appreciated stocks directly to BCWA, donors may avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock. This presents a win-win scenario, allowing supporters to maximize the impact of their contribution while potentially minimizing their tax liabilities. Please consult your financial advisor for details.
We invite our supporters to explore this innovative avenue of support and consider the profound impact their stock donations can have on our mission. By joining forces with us, you become an integral part of our collective effort to protect and preserve our natural world. Please reach out to Jacki Mayer, Executive Director at 937-320-9042 or for more information.
Planned Giving​​

Plant a Seed - Leave a Legacy for Tomorrow

Planned giving can result in tax savings and/or income to you, while helping the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association preserve and protect our wetlands, now and forever.
Talk to your financial advisor or attorney to learn how you can create a legacy.
BCWA has an endowment with The Dayton Foundation and can accept gifts of cash, securities, life insurance, retirement assets, life estates, charitable annuities, bequests, and many other planned and deferred giving options. To learn more about planned giving, please contact: Jacki Mayer, Executive Director at or  reach out The Dayton Foundation.

IRA Charitable Distribution


If you are over 70 ½ year old and are required to take a minimum distribution from your individual retirement plan (IRA), consider making your distribution a qualified charitable distribution to Beaver Creek Wetlands Association. 
Contact the administrator of your retirement account to discuss the benefits of a qualified charitable distribution and determine the next steps to give a qualified charitable distribution to BCWA. Have our mailing address on hand since your administrator will need to know where to distribute the funds.
Kroger Community Rewards Program

Register your Kroger Plus card online and link it to BCWA’s NPO number WU453. Every time you make a purchase with your Kroger Plus card, BCWA will benefit!

Click here.

Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program

DLM donates thousands of dollars back to the community. The fun part is that you choose how the money is distributed using your DLM Club Card! Choose BCWA as your charity, and every time you shop and scan your Club DLM card, we will be “credited” with the purchase. At the end of the year participating charities will receive a prorated portion of the funds, depending on the amount spent by participating customers with a Club DLM card.

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