Spotted Turtle Trail

The Spotted Turtle Trail Project will create a continuous 15-mile trail connecting the parks and reserves along the Beaver Creek wetland corridor. The trail will create access to these unique wetlands and provide opportunities for the community to learn about and enjoy this endangered natural resource. When complete, the Spotted Turtle Trail along with loops and spurs will provide more than 40 miles of trails!

Phase 3 has begun!

Your support is vital so we may build this regional trail, and preserve and protect this unique natural area in our community. CLICK HERE then scroll down to volunteer with the trail project or make a donation here:

View our Phase 1 Accomplishments.
View our Spotted Turtle Trail Vision narrated by Kristi Leigh from Mix 107.7.

Spotted Turtle Trail Map

Benefits to the Region

Wetlands are some of the most productive and dynamic habitats in the world, renowned for their ability to remove excess nutrients, toxic substances, and sediment from water that flows through them. This not only helps to improve downstream water quality, but the overall health of waters in our communities. Wetlands are so effective at improving water quality they have been referred to as the “kidneys” of a watershed.

Wetlands are among the most valuable but least understood of all natural resources. They provide rich habitat for wildlife. They are places in which many animals and birds build nests and raise their young. Migrating birds stop over in wetlands to rest and to feed. Wetlands benefit our communities as well. They replenish and clean water supplies and reduce flood risks, provide recreational opportunities and aesthetic benefits. They serve as sites for scientific research and education.


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We need your support to make the Spotted Turtle Trail a reality.

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