We invite you to explore the history of BCWA as we embark on our 35th year of serving Greene County, Ohio! Summary of Accomplishments
  • Facilitated the conservation of more than 2,400 acres along the Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek
  • Forged alliances with environmental partners and local, state, and federal agencies
  • Removed drainage tiles to divert water flow
  • Increased the water table in Greene County
  • Planted native wetland species to increase plant diversity
  • Removed invasive plant species
  • Built boardwalks, trails, and observation platforms for public enjoyment
  • Developed outreach programs and installed educational signs
  • Launched The Spotted Turtle Trail Project to create a 15-mile trail connecting the parks and reserves along the Beaver Creek wetland corridor.
Click to read how BCWA was formed and learn about the organization’s accomplishments during the 10 years!

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