Secretary & Trustee

Joyce Howes

Joyce Howes grew up in Kettering, in a family devoted to outdoor activities. Joyce’s father was a self-trained naturalist and Joyce never tired of walking the woods, wading creeks, fishing, and finding critters in every setting. This love of nature and organisms led to Joyce’s college study of biology and a 35-year Wright State University career of teaching biology, mostly to non-science majors, and eventually to administrative positions leading programs devoted to helping students succeed in science and mathematics majors. Joyce retired from Wright State in 2015 but has continued to teach biology as an adjunct instructor. When invited to join the BCWA Board, Joyce saw it as a continuing opportunity to learn and teach. Joyce particularly enjoys making quilts, spending time with her daughters and grandchildren, and visiting family in other cities/states. Joyce also serves on the Board of the Wright State University Retirees Association.

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