Technical Officer

James Amon

Dr. Amon grew up on a farm in Clermont County, Ohio, attended the University of Cincinnati for a BS in Biology and William and Mary in Virginia for a Masters and PhD in Marine Biology. He spent two years as a Lt in the US Army as a bacteriologist during the Vietnam era. Dr. Amon is retired from the Department of Biological Sciences at Wright State University and spends most of his time on things related to the conservation of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. He was a founding member of BCWA in 1988 and served as its second president from 1990 to 1995. During that time he obtained numerous grants that allowed the acquisition and restoration of wetland habitats in the Beaver Creek Wetlands. He has worked closely with state, county, township and city offices as well as with developers to assure that development in the area did not threaten the quality of local wetland ecosystems. He likes to travel and learn about other places, other habitats, and their culture and has integrated that with his research while at WSU. His research includes studies on wetland ecosystems and the ecophysiology of the organisms found there. Dr. Amon is married to Carol Amon and has two grown children and a grandson.

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2nd Term expires May 2023