Danielle Trevino

Danielle works for the USAF as a Biological Scientist.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Management from Oregon State University.  She has a Graduate degree in Natural Resource Stewardship from Colorado State University.  Danielle has worked, interned, and volunteered in a myriad of positions for non-profit environmental organizations throughout her career.  She feels collaboration and education are key components to successful conservation initiatives.  Danielle has spent much of her career working to find common ground among stakeholders to create successful conservation projects.

Danielle grew up in Florida, but has lived, worked, and traveled all over the world as a military spouse.  Her husband retired from the USAF three years ago.  Her family has now settled in Fairborn, Ohio.  She has two children.  Her son is a senior in college in south Florida, and her daughter is a Junior at Fairborn High School.

In her spare time, Danielle owns and operates a travel company dedicated to international group trips and adventures.  She is also completing her yoga teacher certification and hopes to focus on wellness and eco-friendly travel in the future.  Danielle’s hobbies include traveling (especially to national parks), taking bucket-list hiking trips, kayaking, gardening, and reading.

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