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Help Us Restore and Protect New Property

This year's Fall Campaign is targeted at protecting and restoring a 47-acre property adjacent to already protected land. With your help, an important component to the BCWA vision of a connected system of protected lands along the Beaver and Little Beaver Creeks will be realized!

Your contributions will assist in the development of a conservation easement on the property (owned by Beavercreek Township), control of invasive species throughout the property, continued land management to restore native plants, and installation of mowed trails to make the area accessible from adjacent public lands.

The property is a portion of the 2,000+ acre system of wetland plant communities along the Beaver Creek which will provide the following benefits:

- Plant communities include high quality marsh, riparian/floodplain forest, old field/meadow, and sedge/bur-reed meadow, and provides appropriate habitat for federally listed eastern massasauga rattlesnake and Indiana bat.

- The riparian forest, wetland, and grassland habitats provide suitable habitat for State listed species, including smooth greensnake, American bittern, and king rail.

- Protects frontage on both banks of Beaver Creek as well as the surface of buried river valley/aquifer that is within 0.25 miles of adjacent Greene County wellfield.

- Protects functioning floodplain and 4.4 acres of streamside forest adjacent to Beaver Creek.

- Project includes reforestation of 2.75 acres of floodplain west of Beaver Creek and will be planted with a diverse mix of native vegetation that is found on site and in adjacent or nearby natural areas, plus target invasive plant species for removal, particularly reed canary grass, purple loosestrife and Amur honeysuckle.

- Public access and enjoyment 365 days a year!

BCWA has submitted a Clean Ohio Grant with a budget of $110,000 for the project, but this requires a 25% local match. Our goal is to raise $30,000 of the total project cost to supplement the grant. Please consider contributing to this important land protection project and be part of realizing the BCWA vision!

As always, we appreciate members like you that are able to step-up and offer skills, abilities and support for special projects and events that will be part of the upcoming 2019 year.

Thank you for being a valued supporter of BCWA!

Beaver Creek Wetlands Association
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