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BCWA Documents

Here you will find various documents that are used in by the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association. You will also find interesting documentation of past events, Birdathons and other various historical documents. Take a look around, you never know what you might find.

Bird Count
2013 Bird Survey Bird List
2014-2017 BCWA Christmas Bird Counts

Birdathon results
2008 Birdathon Results
2004 Birdathon Results
Birds of the Beaver Creek Wetlands 1989 - 2007

Monarch Tagging Results
BCWA Monarch Tagging Summary 2010-2017

Printable map of the BCWA Corridor

BCWA Membership Form
Spotted Turtle Society Membership Form
2009 Membership Survey

Member Support
25th Anniversary Campaign Form
Dorthy Lane Market Club

Hydric Soils of Greene County
A Beavercreek Historical Treasure - Beavercreek Historical Society

2018 BCWA Filed Tax Form 990

Position Statements of the BCWA 1998
BCWA Conflict Of Interest Policy 2009
BCWA Record Retention Policy 2009
BCWA Whistleblower Policy 2010

Species Lists
2016 BCWA Bird List
2016 BCWA Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles & Mammals List
2016 BCWA Invertebrates List
2016 BCWA Plants List

Code of Regulations
BCWA Code of Regulations (2018)

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