Our Mission:
The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association seeks to protect the wetland ecosystem in the Beaver Creek watershed through partnerships, community networks and public education. BCWA supports the retention of wetlands within the protection corridor and encourages the restoration of wetland and traditional upland habitats, such as forests and prairies. BCWA promotes the use of these protected areas for education, research and recreation.

Why are wetlands important?
Wetlands, an essential ingredient in the earth's ecosystem, are disappearing at an alarming rate. More than ever, wetlands need protection because they provide:

 - Flood Control.
 - Soils, plants and microbes that filter water and remove or destroy many pollutants.
 - Provide clean water to resupply the aquifer, the source of drinking water for much of the region.
 - Habitat for diverse array of plants and animal species, including many that are endangered.
 - Unique nature areas offering recreation and fitness opportunities.
 - Green space that improves property values in the community.
 - Opportunities for education and research.

What have we accomplished?
Since its formation in 1988, the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association has facilitated the conservation of over 1700 acres along the Big Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek. Alliances with its environmental partners, local, state and federal agencies have been the key to its success.

In partnership with government and sister environmental organizations we have....
 - Increased the water table of a county water system.
 - Provided flood control for excessive water run off.
 - Improved and preserved habitat for wildlife.

With the help of volunteers we have....
 - Planted native wetland species.
 - Collected prairie and wetland seeds for planting of targeted areas.
 - Removed drainage tiles and diverted water flow.
 - Built a boardwalk, information kiosk, and observation tower.
 - Cut trails to permit the public to enjoy the wetland areas.
 - Restored and maintained fen ecosystems.

In collaboration with the community we have....
 - Increased our membership to over 700.
 - Participated in local fairs, festivals and expositions.
 - Developed educational programs.
 - Provided areas for field study and research.

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